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One could be interested in the dietetic services from a professional dietician for a plethora of reasons - they could be a gym enthusiast; a person struggling with obesity; a person interested in the efficiency of their eating habits and many more…

Dieticians assist in the management of diet and nutrition counselling for the prevention and control of various chronic diseases and illnesses that occur due to nutritional deficiency. A diet chart can help you be immune to various diseases in addition to fulfilling the requirement of nutrients to reduce nutritional diseases.

In case of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, heart disease, and other medical conditions, your online dietitian can suggest you have low-carb foods, meals devoid of oily and spicy ingredients, and plenty of fruits and fiber-rich foods, etc.

MetaHealth plan features dieticians/nutritionists to take care of your health and timely deliver their dietetic services to patients/people. Ensuring regular suggestions can aid you in fast recuperation or control of your health conditions and prevent malnutrition.

Constantly feeling tired or low? Or, feeling a major lack in your appetite? Talk to an online nutritionist immediately so they can better understand the nutritional gap of your meals and prescribe you a healthy and nutrients enriched diet. One should never delay talking to a professional dietician to ensure a healthy and energetic lifestyle.

Below are certain reasons why one may connect to a dietician:-

  1. Weight Loss : A dietician can help you with weight loss by identifying the cause and reforming your diet accordingly.
  2. Weight Gain : A dietician will plan a balanced diet plan for you that provides every essential nutrient, protein, and carb.
  3. For Athletes and Sports Persons : An athlete’s life is more prone to physical stresses, and muscle exertion as they are engaged in vigorous physical activities. Due to the difference in their lifestyle, a different diet plan is also of prime importance.
  4. Management of Chronic Illnesses : Diet plays a significant role in the management of chronic illnesses such as diabetes, skin issues, blood pressure, etc. In case you are suffering from diabetes and you are taking medication, then your dietician can plan a low-carb food, no-sugar food for your regular meals. They can also decide the intervals of taking meals and other fruits and veggies that can help in controlling blood sugar levels in the body.
  5. Gym Enthusiast and Bodybuilder : Every gym enthusiast needs a high protein, vitamins and minerals enriched diet that can foster their health and body mass. A diet expert can prepare a health plan for them which offers every macro and micronutrient to their body. A diet with varied nutritional ingredients can help in the restoration and repairment of muscles and body tissues.
  6. Food Allergies, Intolerance, and Sensitivity : In the case of lactose intolerance, celiac disease, and gluten allergy, your body does not allow the intake of these kinds of food which causes problems in your system. Your dietician can provide you with some alternative sources for the same and help you to overcome the nutritional deficiency.
  7. Pregnancy and Lactation Period: During pregnancy, women require an increased intake of nutrient-rich food which provides them with an adequate amount of folate, iron, and other nutrients to keep them and their foetus healthy. Even lactating mothers require a more nutritious diet to feed their babies . Consult a nutritionist as only they can advise you better in this regard.

MetaHealth Cover makes sure you always get diet consultations whenever needed to help you achieve all your health goals. The online teleconsultation feature of the application aids you in reaching out to the experts and avail correct guidance.

Eat Fit & Be Healthy

Plan a healthy diet with an online dietician tele consultation from the comfort of your home. Choose tele consultation for dietician specialist and get the solutions you require for a healthy and balanced meal.

The purpose of the online consultations could be multiple - anyone from a gym enthusiast to a person just wanting to better their diet; The plan is feasible & helps fulfill the dietic aims of all.

Why MetaHealth Cover for Dieticians?
  • Get constant aid from a professional dietician
  • Charter a realistic and effective diet plan
  • Well experienced and qualified Dieticians onboarded
  • Management of a healthy and balanced diet made super easy
  • Share progress and review your improvement in health on a regular basis with constant support from a dietician on call
  • Book an appointment for any casual query related to proper nutrition

Disclaimer : All efforts are taken to make sure the information published on the website is accurate and informative. The website is provided for information only. It is not intended to replace a consultation with an appropriately qualified medical practitioner. Please visit a doctor/hospital for any management if you need more assistance. Neither the company nor the team can accept responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury that arises from the use of this website.

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