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A dentist helps you in every aspect of your dental health care, from taking dental care of your oral hygiene to preventing the root cause of oral health issues; the specialists aid youin regular maintenance of your overall dental health.

Regular dental checkups and related advice help you to prevent toothache, gum problems, cavities, and pyorrhea. The right supervision and effective treatment plans may alleviate your oral health problems. A specialist can protect you from various health issues at the initial stage even of conditions such as oral cancer.

A dentist may prescribe you medication, X-Ray, RCT, OPG, CBCT, and some other lab tests to diagnose the condition and begin the treatment for the same as they deem fit after diagnosis. On the basis of symptoms and test reports, a dentist prepares a complete procedure for your treatment and offers you holistic care for your oral health.

Timely delivery of treatment and clinical suggestions of a qualified and well-experienced dentist may help you to recover fast from the illness. The right step at the right time can save you from other severe and chronic health issues.

Disrupted or poor oral health can restrict you to smile better and trigger bad breath conditions. It can also trigger other, more serious medical conditions. Poor oral health hurts you mentally and physically by causing pain, inflammation of soft tissues, gum bleeding, etc.

If you feel any dental issue, minor or major, you should immediately take the medical opinion of a dentist and report to them the concern in the right frame of time.

Take an online dental consultation, if you experience any of the following symptoms:-

  1. Dry Mouth & Bad Breath : A dentist consultation can effectively resolve any oral conditions like dry mouth or a bad breath.
  2. Gum diseases : A lack of awareness for oral health has resulted in a hike in issues related to gum, causing unease to a lot of people who might not have an idea of such forthcoming issues. A slight problem in the gum can be an indication of many other severe oral illnesses such as gum bleeding, inflammation of the inner lining of the mouth, etc.
  3. Pyorrhea : It is a multifactorial disease of the mouth that affects the gum, teeth, and mouth. It is a bacterial infection of the gum which causes inflammation. The common symptoms are bad breath from the mouth, gingivitis, poor teeth, loose teeth or gums that bleed easily, etc.
  4. Toothache : If you feel unbearable pain in your teeth and it continues for a long time; then, you should not ignore it and consult a dentist immediately.
  5. Tooth Decay : A bacterial infection of teeth may trigger tooth cavities. These cavities can result in tooth decay if you do not take dental treatment on time.
  6. Tooth Sensitivity : If you are prone to tooth sensitivity and are anxious about your dental health, then you need to take regular advice from your dentist.
  7. Oral Cancer : Oral cancer or mouth cancer occurs in the mouth and can affect the head and neck parts of your body. If you are suspicious about your oral health, you can take a teleconsultation session with a dentist and get answers to all your queries.

To determine the disease and root cause of the dental conditions, your doctor may prescribe you the following tests to be done:-

  • X-ray of the teeth
  • RCT (Root Canal Treatment)
  • OPG (Orthopantomogram)
  • Blood Test
  • CBCT
  • Biopsy of oral cavity
  • MRI/CT

Such tests, if required - can directly be booked from the application at a major discounted price from the centre of your choosing.

MetaHealth Cover makes sure you stay connected with the right health professional whenever needed. The online teleconsultation feature of the application aids you in reaching out to the experts and avail correct guidance.

Say Yes To Oral Health!!

Suffering from a toothache? Get a tele consultation for dentist and resolve dental problems on time. Regular checkups for healthy teeth and gums are a key to maintaining proper dental health as well as diagnosing serious disorders, if any.

MetaHealth helps you to get an online dental tele consultation anywhere, anytime which increases major chances of you never leaving a symptom or condition undiagnosed.

Why MetaHealth Cover to consult a Dentist?
  • Consult a specialist for casual queries about braces, teeth whitening and more.
  • Diagnose and treat any major dental concern arising prior to its chronic effects and nip the illness in the bud.
  • No-Hassle dental help available for whenever the requirement arises
  • Qualified and Well experienced Dentists
  • ePrescription For Your Dental Issues
  • Take online consultation for toothache, cavities, bad breath and more.

Disclaimer : All efforts are taken to make sure the information published on the website is accurate and informative. The website is provided for information only. It is not intended to replace a consultation with an appropriately qualified medical practitioner. Please visit a doctor/hospital for any management if you need more assistance. Neither the company nor the team can accept responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury that arises from the use of this website.

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