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Cough and fever are certain common illnesses that generally affect the majority of the population; many people often experience them as initial symptoms of any forthcoming illness.

Extreme fatigue, formation of phlegm and coryza, high body temperature, and lethargy to perform daily tasks are a few of the many symptoms that are experienced.

MetaHealth Cover allows you to get tele consultation for cough and fever specialist in order to ensure routine check-ups and you can even receive the required ePrescription for medication by identifying the root cause of the illness.

Medical specialists may recommend you take a certain healthy, immune-boosting diet and regular medication on time. A treatment procedure started within the right frame of time may speed up recovery and prevent the disease from turning into a more severe flu. A timely prescription for your illness can save you from any big health hazard.

MetaHealth Plan connects you with 500+ specialized doctors, taking care of your health and timely delivering the required medical advice. Teleconsultation for general physician is necessary to ensure regular medical supervision can aid you in fast recuperation.

The broad category of casual symptoms that the flu produces in one’s body starts from a headache, and sneezing, to high fever and diarrhoea. One must always be cautious of their health status and any unease should be reported to a medical professional immediately.

Symptoms of the common cold may vary from person to person as it depends on one’s immune response, age, weight, and lifestyle.

Consult a doctor immediately if you experience any of the following symptoms in your body:-

  1. Runny or stuffy nose : Feeling coryza and a nonstop watery discharge from your nose.
  2. Sore throat : Infection of tonsillitis can produce some inflammation in the throat region and you may experience some throat pain and difficulty in swallowing and eating.
  3. Sneezing
  4. Congestion : Congestion of the chest, nose, and sinuses.
  5. Body and Muscular pain: You may experience pain in your whole body and specifically it affects the joints, muscles, and legs and back pain.
  6. Headache : Mild and moderate type of headache
  7. Fever: One may observe low to high fever.
  8. General Debility or Fatigue
  9. Loss of Hunger

If you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms, book an online doctor consultation with a medical specialist of your preference.

Avoiding the initial symptoms of the common cold may put you in trouble. Your symptoms may worsen and transform into severe disease. Below are the following health conditions that may occur if you avoid medical treatment for the early symptoms.

  1. Tuberculosis : Major symptoms usually include a cough, weight loss, night sweats, and fever.
  2. Typhoid : It is a bacterial infection that may spread throughout the body, affecting many organs.
  3. Pneumonia : Pneumonia symptoms like congestion of the chest and recurrent fever may occur with common cold symptoms.
  4. Sinusitis : If a common cold does not resolve in time, it may worsen into sinusitis symptoms.
  5. Bronchitis and Respiratory Tract Infection
  6. Asthma : Flu-like symptoms may trigger whooping cough, wheezing, and difficulty in breathing. If you are already suffering from asthma, a cold can worsen your symptoms.

MetaHealth Cover makes sure you stay connected with the right health professional whenever needed. The online teleconsultation feature of the application aids you in reaching out to the experts and avail correct guidance.

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MetaHealth Cover enables you to have ePrescriptions online from the comfort of your home! With us, professional medical advice is just a click away.

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  • Consult a doctor to resolve any query - casual or chronic.
  • No delay in starting the necessary course of treatment required as cough and fever may be a precursor for many major illnesses.
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  • Diagnose and treat any concern at the earliest stages.
  • Consult a doctor unlimited times from the comfort of your home.

Disclaimer : All efforts are taken to make sure the information published on the website is accurate and informative. The website is provided for information only. It is not intended to replace a consultation with an appropriately qualified medical practitioner. Please visit a doctor/hospital for any management if you need more assistance. Neither the company nor the team can accept responsibility for any loss, damage, or injury that arises from the use of this website.

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