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MetaHealth is providing unlimited consultations to offer more value and convenience to its customers. Unlimited consultations can help remove the barrier of the cost that may prevent people from seeking medical advice or consulting a doctor regularly.

This can encourage people to take a proactive approach to their health, which can ultimately lead to better health outcomes.

Additionally, unlimited consultations may be part of MetaHealth's preventive healthcare strategy to identify and address health concerns before they become more serious issues.

An online consultation, also known as a tele-consultation or virtual consultation, is a medical consultation that takes place remotely via phone. It allows patients to consult with healthcare professionals from the comfort of their own homes, without needing to physically visit a doctor's office or hospital.

During an online consultation, patients can discuss their symptoms, receive medical advice, and even get a prescription for medication. Online consultations have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they offer a safe and convenient way for people to access healthcare services.

To consult a doctor online, visit our website www.MetaHealthCover.com simply click on the 'Buy Now' button and provide us with your details to register. Once you've registered, we'll send you your login credentials via email, which you can use to log in to our application on either your Android or Mac device.

From there, you can choose from the 500+ onboarded doctors and schedule a tele-consultation at a time that works for you. During the consultation, the doctor will diagnose your condition and provide you with treatment options. If necessary, they can also provide you with a prescription and follow-up instructions.

By using our service, you'll be able to receive the medical attention you need from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

Select your preferred in-network Doctors available on the HealthAssure Platform for a call back, within 2.5 hours you will receive a call or request a call back from the first available Doctor within 4 minutes.

In case you are unable to pick up the call, the Doctor will try again within 15-30 mins from the first call attempt. Two attempts shall be made by Doctors, after which the appointment will be marked as incomplete. You can cancel and book a new appointment at any time via the HealthAssure platform.

Yes, you will get a valid prescription from the Doctor after your call.

To access or download your prescription, follow these steps:

Click on "Tele-Consults" in the application or website.
Go to the "Records" section.
Select the name of your Doctor from the list.
Click on "Advices" and download your prescription.

The telephonic Doctor consultation service covers over 15 specialties, including general physicians. The list of specialties is mentioned below:
i. Ayurvedic
ii. Cardiologist
iii. Child Specialist
iv. Cough & Fever
v. Dentist
vi. Dermatologist
vii. Diabetologist
viii. Dietician
ix. ENT
x. Eye Doctors
xi. Gastroenterologist
xii. Gynecologist
xiii. Homeopathy
xiv. Mental Health
xv. Orthopedics
xvi. Physiotherapy
xvii. Sexologist
xviii. Urologist

To book a telephonic consultation with a doctor on the HealthAssure Platform, follow these simple steps:

Log in to your account and go to the "Tele-Consults" tab.
Choose the type of Doctor you wish to consult with.
If you have an urgent requirement, click on "Consult Now" and you will receive a call from the first available Doctor within 4 minutes.
Alternatively, you can select a doctor from our in-network providers based on your preference of language.

When seeking medical advice, it's important to consult with a doctor who specializes in the particular condition you are experiencing. For example, if you sufferfrom back pain or fracture, you should see an orthopedician, while irregular menstruation may require a visit to a gynecologist.

However, if you are unsure of your symptoms, it's best to consult a general physician online who can assess your condition and refer you to a specialist if needed.

Additionally, we provide the option for a second opinion or recommendations for your child's health, such as a pediatrician for vaccinations or a dietitian for personalized nutrition charts. Get access to a variety of healthcare professionals for the best care.

You will receive a Login ID and password from the HealthAssure platform via Email & SMS.
You can conveniently book appointments for tele-consultations and fitness sessions by logging into the mobile application or website. Additionally, you can avail discounted lab tests and health checkups and will have medicines delivered to your home and much more.

MetaHealth makes it effortless for you to access online consultations with a doctor of your choice.

We provide a diverse pool of doctors across various specialties and cities, allowing you to select a healthcare professional based on their experience, profile, and language preferences.

With MetaHealth, you have the freedom to choose the right doctor for your needs and receive the medical attention you require.

Yes, it is possible to get a prescription after an online medical consultation, depending on the doctor's assessment of your condition. The doctor may prescribe medication or recommend further tests or consultations with a specialist, if necessary.

However, it is important to note that not all medications can be prescribed online, and certain controlled substances may require an in-person consultation. It is best to check with the doctor or the online consultation platform for their specific policies and guidelines.

At MetaHealth, we prioritize your privacy and confidentiality when you consult with our doctors online. Rest assured that all your medical records, diagnosis results, and history will be stored safely and securely in our database, providing you with peace of mind.

Certainly! At MetaHealth, we keep a separate record of every consultation you have on our platform, which can be easily accessed from the Home screen. Our Appointments tab provides you with access to your past bookings, allowing you to conveniently book a follow-up appointment with the same doctor, subject to their availability.

With our streamlined system, you can rest assured that your medical history and appointments are securely stored and readily available for future reference. Whether you need to review your past consultations or schedule a follow-up appointment, our platform makes it simple and hassle-free.

At MetaHealth, we prioritize providing you with the best possible care by ensuring that you are connected with a doctor who specializes in the area of your concern. Our platform boasts over 15+ specialists, all of whom you can easily browse through in the 'Our Specialists' section on the website and in the Tele-Consults section on the application.

Whether you need to consult with a dermatologist, a pediatrician, or any other medical specialist, we've got you covered. We believe that every patient deserves personalized and expert medical attention, and we're dedicated to making that a reality for you.

The specific types of medications prescribed would depend on the doctor's diagnosis and treatment plan, which may include allopathic, homeopathic, or Ayurvedic medicines. It's always important to consult a qualified doctor for personalized medical advice and treatment.

Here are the steps to book a lab test or health checkup through the HealthAssure website or mobile app:

Log in to your HealthAssure account.
Select the "Lab Tests & Scans" option and choose the health checkup package that you prefer.
Click on "Book Appointment" and follow the instructions.
Enter your location to find the nearest in-network diagnostic lab or hospital. Then, you can select your preferred location from the list provided.
Choose a convenient date and time for your appointment from the available slots and verify your mobile number to complete the booking.
You will receive a confirmation of your booking within 3 hours.
On the scheduled date and time of your appointment, visit the diagnostic centre, and don't forget to bring a valid ID proof with you.
You can access the report of tests/packages within 48 hrs on your registered email ID or download the same from your HealthAssure account.
For any assistance with appointments or reports, please write to us at support@healthassure.in or call us at 022-61676633 (Mon-Sat, 9:00 am to 8 pm, excluding Bank Holidays).

Yes, the user can continue to avail exclusive discounts for up to 50% even after utilising the wallet balance.

No, but we advise you to consult a doctor before getting one done.

Yes, you may choose any one from the listed in-network centres on the HealthAssure Platform.

  • As soon as you buy a plan, you will receive a payment confirmation email.
  • Your Login ID and password for your HealthAssure Account will be sent to you, on your registered email ID, within the next 48 hours.
  • You can start using all the services provided under your plan as soon as you Login to your account.

Log in to the HealthAssure website/App.
Click on “Pharmacy” Tab.
Upload your medical prescription and enter delivery details.
Once the prescription is successfully uploaded, you will receive a prompt confirming that your order details have been shared with the pharmacy partner.
The pharmacy partner will contact you within 1 day to confirm your order and share other details, such as the total billing amount at the time of this confirmation call.
After confirming the order and billing amount, the pharmacy partner will dispatch your order, and you can track your order status through the HealthAssure Website or mobile app.

Yes, a valid prescription is needed for any kind of medicine order. You can get a
prescription easily by booking a tele doctor consultation on your HealthAssure account.

You may not be able to return medicines once they are purchased, except in cases of order mismatch or if they have already expired.

Absolutely! Our team comprises highly qualified MD and MBBS doctors from all over India, who have undergone extensive training to provide remote consultations through our Application.

When you are assigned a doctor, you can view their profile by clicking on their profile picture. Rest assured, all your medical information will remain confidential and secure.

We understand that privacy and security are paramount when it comes to online medical consultations. That's why we assure you that all our conversations are completely secure. We use the highest standards of technology to encrypt your calls and ensure that they cannot be accessed by any means. So you can consult with our doctors with complete peace of mind, knowing that your privacy is protected.

a. New Members: For any support assistance, you can either call on our customer care at 011-614-00-016 or drop us an email at info@metahealthcover.com. The call centre is available from 10:00 am to 06:00 pm, Mon-Fri (excluding Bank Holidays).

b. Existing Members: For your doctor care helpline, you can call 022-61676633 or drop an email at support@healthassure.in. The call centre is available from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, Mon-Sat (excluding Bank Holidays).

a. If you face any technical issues while using the HealthAssure Application, try clearing the cache or closing the application and logging in again. Additionally, if you are accessing our services through the website, try refreshing the website page and logging in again.

b. If the issue still persists, you can get in touch with the support helpline at 022-61676633 or drop an email at support@healthassure.in.

An Internet connection is needed to book any consultation, but once booked, regular telephonic consultations can be conducted without the Internet. A secure Wi-Fi connection is recommended but 3G or 4G works as well.

Alternatively, the doctor's helpline can be called for an appointment booking and the selected doctor will call back.

You can use the Application to speak to a General Physician via iPhone or Android smartphones. Our Application is compatible with Android Kitkat (4.4 and above) or above and iOS devices (10 and above). Our web application is also available at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ha.healthcare. We support Android devices that are 4.2 and above and iOS devices that have iOS 6 and above installed and are iPhone 4S or newer.

Once you purchase our plans, they cannot be cancelled or refunded. However, you are entitled to 7 days of Free Look Period from the date of payment, within which the plan can be cancelled (provided no booking is made within the Free Look Period). Refunds will be credited within 45 business days.

Step 1: Login to the HealthAssure Website/Application.
Step 2: Select Tele-Consultations Service and choose your preferred Doctor specialty.
Step 3: Select the preferred Doctor, listed on the HealthAssure Platform, for a call back within 2.5 hours or request a call back from the first available doctor within 4 minutes.
Step 4: You will receive a call from the Doctor on your registered mobile number.
Step 5: The Doctor will upload the prescription to your HealthAssure account post-completion of the consultation.

Our payment methods include Credit/Debit cards, e-wallets, net banking, and UPI. We strive to offer our customers a seamless and secure payment experience.

We offer consultations for a wide range of health concerns such as colds, flu, fever, viral infections, chest infections, diarrhoea, nausea, vomiting, constipation, heartburn, rashes, food allergies, joint pain, arthritis, skin symptoms, depression, urinary tract infections, insect bites, fungal infections, allergies, sports injuries, lifestyle and diet advice, and more.

However, please note that these are general suggestions and a doctor will be able to provide personalized guidance based on your specific needs.

Absolutely! MetaHealth provides online consultations for health queries with a vast network of over 500 doctors onboarded on our platform. We understand the importance of finding a healthcare professional who you can trust and feel comfortable with, which is why we give you the flexibility to select a doctor of your preference to consult with.

Our platform is designed to offer you access to a diverse range of medical professionals, including specialists and general practitioners, to meet your unique healthcare needs. With our service, you can receive the medical attention you require from the comfort of your own home, without the inconvenience of traveling to a physical clinic.

Regarding the qualification of our online doctors, we strive to provide the best quality care to our users. Our doctors are all qualified professionals, and we carefully select and verify each doctor before onboarding them on our platform. They are experienced and trained to consult with patients online and provide appropriate medical advice and treatment.

Our services offer several benefits to our users:
Firstly, MetaHealth provides easy access to medical consultations with qualified doctors through our online platform, eliminating the need for physical travel to a clinic or hospital. This saves time and is especially useful for those with mobility issues or living in remote areas.

Secondly, our services are available at your fingertips, which means users can get medical help whenever they need it, whether they are on a holiday, in office, or, just at home. No need to step out!

Thirdly, our services are affordable, making healthcare more accessible to a wider range of people. We offer a range of packages and options to suit different budgets and healthcare needs.

Finally, our services also include preventive healthcare plans, curated to cater to your healthcare requirements, covering pharmacy, diagnostics, tele-consultation, and fitness domains.

a. You can avail up to 50% discounts on Diagnostics tests and health checkups at the listed in-network providers post consumption of wallet amount. Tests can be booked via the HealthAssure Application & the discounts are displayed upfront at the time of booking.

b. You can get discounts of up to 15% on online prescription pharmacy orders to post consumption of wallet amount via the HealthAssure website/Application. The percentage of discount that is offered can be different based on the prescription medicines that are selected.

Yes, through our mobile application, MetaHealth offers the option to connect with the earliest available doctor within 4 minutes, or alternatively, you can choose a doctor of your preference and expect a call back within the next 2.5 hours.

Our medical consultations are available to individuals who are 18 years of age or older, up to the age of 85. We cater to a broad range of healthcare needs and offer access to medical professionals who specialize in various areas, including primary care, specialty care, and mental health services.

MetaHealth aims to make quality healthcare accessible to every family at an affordable price. We leverage their size and scale to negotiate discounts with healthcare providers and use technology to streamline our services.

This allows us to offer a range of preventive healthcare services at an economical price, including pharmacy, diagnostics, tele-consultation, and fitness domains.

If you don't accept the online consultation request within the given timeframe, the consultation request will be considered expired or declined, depending on the service provider. You may have to initiate a new request if you still wish to consult with the doctor.

It is important to note that timely acceptance of the request is crucial to ensure that you receive the medical advice or treatment you need without any delay. Therefore, it is recommended to be available and attentive during the consultation request period to ensure a seamless online consultation experience.
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