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Why You Should Take Online Teleconsultation for Casual Symptoms

The emergence of a stressful lifestyle and little attention to personal health has severely damaged the state of being healthy. The modern world has created a lot of barriers to living healthy and active, but we can take control of our health by practicing a model of preventive healthcare than attain just emergencies.

Due to various environmental, personal, and genetic factors, there now exists a number of diseases and ailments. One harbors these diseases by ignoring their symptoms from the initial stage of their development. A simple online teleconsultation can help you overcome the stress of minor body issues as well as assist you to deal with the early signs of any disease. In order to avoid the rides to a physical doctor, you should opt for online consultation to help you with casual symptoms and step in as your first line of defence!

Health should be our Priority Not A Choice

Modern technologies assemble every requirement in a single place, today it is easy for a person to keep up with their health through budget-friendly and convenient means. Fortunately, we are blessed to call a doctor immediately whenever we face any health hazard. We can book an online doctor consultation from anywhere and anytime by just clicking a button. The infusion of modern digital technologies in the healthcare system is more than a blessing for the masses.

The MetaHealth Tele-Consultation works for all kinds of symptoms and illnesses and assures you a Meta OPD facility. You can easily get in touch with a doctor and get answers to health questions that are specific to your needs. It eases the effort of going to the hospital or clinic for mild health issues such as fever, pain, cough, and cold. It even lessens the burden of finding hospitals and clinics within a nearby location.
We should give priority to our well-being and active lifestyle through such a modern-day medium.

Why is Meta Health necessary for You & Your loved ones?

Meta Health offers you guaranteed free unlimited medical teleconsultation from anywhere and anytime for you & your family members. Our health care plan includes instant doctor teleconsultation, live fitness sessions, medical tests, and diagnostic checkups at a very affordable price. Book a MetaHealth Cover for yourself and your loved ones.

Under this plan, you would get unlimited access to clinical experts in different medical fields for any health queries. Just book an appointment and get instant professional medical advice and resolutions. Below is a description of a few of the highlighted specialities for which you can take expert advice:

General Physician: For cough, cold, and fever
Gynecologist: For female reproductive health
ENT Specialist: For ear, nose, and throat concerns
Eye Doctor: For eye-related issues
Dermatologist: For skin-related issues
Cardiologist: For heart-related concerns
Gastroenterologist: For concerns related to stomach and abdomen

We feature 15+ specializations including Dentists, Child Specialists, Orthopedic doctors, Urologists, etc. You can take an appointment with any one of the featured doctors and free yourself from any health-related stress. From Mental Care to Dietetic and Fitness care, we provide trained experts to combat your health issues.

If you want to choose any alternate therapy such as Homeopathy and Ayurveda or want a prescription from any alternate medicine doctor, you can book online remote consultations with them. This is an additional feature of our MetaHealth Cover service.

Now say no to your health problems and avoid ignoring your small or big health issues. Talk to any of the 500+ Doctors featured free of cost with the unlimited teleconsultation service.

Some major benefits of MetaHealth Cover Plan over any other Health Care Online Service

We, as a community, have seen a tremendous hike in the requirement for doctors and allied medical services during the covid pandemic. A large number of people were booking online consultations with a doctor but at a very high price. You need not visit a doctor physically for your casual symptoms. Instant medical help for one's mental health and physical health-related issues seemed like a distant dream. Solving this problem, MetaHealth Cover offers a great healthcare plan at an affordable price. Let us discuss some of the associated benefits:

1. Cost-Effective Healthcare Plan:
MetaHealth provides you with life-saving healthcare services at a very reasonable price of 799 for a complete year, the plan is accessible to the various sections existing in the Indian demography.
2. Unlimited Free Online Doctor Consultation:
We offer you MetaHealth online OPD services with a number of medical specialists starting from general physicians to heart specialists and more. Our main objective is to minimize the gap between patient needs and healthcare essentials.
3. Nearby Labs for Tests and Scans:
Now you do not need to go anywhere to look for pathology labs, radiography labs, and clinical labs for various health lab tests. The MetaHealth Cover provides you with exclusive discounts on lab tests and diagnostics, which you can book from the comfort of your home. It even offers a smart discount on every path and radio report.
4. Medicines at the your Doorstep:
You can easily order your medicines prescribed by the doctor and get the best discount offer on your medicines. You just need to upload your prescription and the medicine will be delivered to your address.
5. Instant Team Support:
For any queries related to free doctor online consultations and orders, you can get immediate support from our expert team at any time. Contact us anytime, we'd be happy to help you.

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