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Teleconsultation For Women's Health Problems

Health is meant to be a state of well-being, a state wherein one feels no unease in the physical, psychological, and social dimensions of life. This article specifically talks about the healthcare concerns which affect women, or people who biologically identify as women.

Studies have proven women to be more susceptible towards psychological distress curtailing to biological factors. In terms of physiological health too, a variety of concerns come into the spotlight, such as developing breast and vaginal cancer, PCOD, uterine fibroids, maternity-related concerns, etc, and more.

An online tele-consultation plan is an absolute necessity for females, for the grave biological situations we deal with. Having a doctor on call enables you to consult them for any issue, big or small.

MetaHealth: A Complete Health Package For Instant Medical Care

MetaHealth has brought a complete health package for accomplishing all your requirements to keep you healthy and fit. The application features the availability of 500+ medical doctors ranging from multiple specialties from heart disease experts to gynecologists to skin health experts which has made it a one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive health plan.

A MetaHealth Cover significantly decreases the stress of traveling and waiting for doctor appointments. MetaHealth, besides free doctor teleconsultation for women, also provides major discounts on nearby diagnostic medical labs and doorstep delivery of medicines.

Why Teleconsultation Is Necessary For Women's Health Problems

Most women's health problems can be treated within the right frame of time by substituting clinic visits with online teleconsultation. We have compiled a list of the numerous benefits associated with online doctor teleconsultation:

Instant Medical Prescription
Online teleconsultation is cost-effective and convenient. You can take free consultations for health problems like irregular menstrual cycle, symptoms related to PCOD/PCOS, symptoms related to depression and anxiety, or any other condition that affects your health from the top medical professionals from all over India. Thereby, you can also obtain your trusted medical prescription and get started with your treatment as early as possible.

This feature also helps in overcoming the taboo surrounding many issues the person might be facing wherein a platform like such empowers women to talk about the health problems concerning them to a trusted professional.

Regular Medical Consultation For Chronic Health Issues

Unlike some acute problems related to a woman's health, one might require constant regular medical advice from a professional for chronic health issues such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, PCOD/PCOS, sexually transmitted diseases, urinary tract infection, or any other conditions.

Regular medical care is necessary while recuperating from any kind of chronic illness; with the MetaHealth Cover teleconsultation program, you can make follow-up appointments with the same doctor multiple times from anywhere and anytime. Thus, it speeds up the recovery process of chronic female health problems.

Prevention Against Communicable Diseases

During the Covid19 pandemic, it was a difficult task to find availability in any clinic or hospital for health problems. People, especially those in quarantine, were not able to get a doctor's appointment in a physical setting due to the precursory limitations.

A mode of remote consultation with certified professionals allows the masses to never let distance or inability of going to a physical medical institution stop them.

Record All Your Medical Reports Electronically

With MetaHealth Cover you would be able to keep and maintain all your related prescriptions digitally. The plan enables you to record multiple clinical reports, medical prescriptions, history of your health problems, various health assessments, referrals, follow-ups, etc. The Electronic Medical Record (EMR) helps you to secure all your medical reports which can be assessed in the future for analysis of any health issue.

Women's health is a quintessential requirement that has to be addressed carefully. MetaHealth emphasizes the quality of online healthcare facilities and endeavors to provide you with a convalescence in every female health issue.
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